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Goalsetter's Founder, Tanya Van Court, ventured into the Tank to get every kid in America saving - because kids who have savings accounts are not only 6X more likely to go to college, but they're also 4X more likely to own stocks by the time they're young adults.  

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Turn on round-ups or automatic transfers - any amount - to start saving simply.

Invite your tribe to help your child reach their goal with a gift that truly matters.

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Create your child’s FDIC-insured Goalsetter account for free, and set a goal together.

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Let your kids (5+) play our fun "it's Lit!" financial literacy quiz to earn points, money, and knowledge.

Goalsetter's big appearance on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on television. It shows people who come from all walks of life and have the fortitude to do something that takes not only a good idea, but tireless work, immense sacrifice, colossal vision, and an unbelievable amount of courage.   

Shark Tank is the story of America, and the platform that Shark Tank gives its entrepreneurs can transform a small start-up into a household name. So you can imagine how excited I was to get word that Goasletter would have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch to America's most popular investors - with the entire world watching.  

How we got ready for the show

We knew that to be successful in the Tank; we had to know our audience - the Sharks - as well as we knew ourselves. So I studied countless hours of Shark Tank footage and simultaneously studied my business inside and out. I went over different scenarios and valuations so that I wouldn't make a fatal math flaw in the Tank and accept a bad deal. I researched each of the Sharks and learned that Mr. Wonderful had written a book about kids and financial literacy, and even had a fantastic anecdote about his son saving for DJ equipment.  

I knew which Sharks had kids - and could relate to the problem I was solving - and which Sharks would likely be able to offer the most to my business - not just in cash, but in expertise, passion, and experience. And finally, I tried to keep reminding myself that I have a whole team who built this product for an important cause, whom I had to represent and make proud.

Great for families...

now for schools, too!

As the daughter of two elementary school teachers, there's nothing that I care more about than kids and schools. And that's why Goalsetter is now coming to classrooms, schools and Districts near you!  

Goalsetter has two important offerings for schools:  

FREE financial literacy curriculum and quizzes, mapped to Jumpstart.org national standards


FREE Savings accounts that have the potential to change college and career readiness outcomes for every kid in our country.


Our savings accounts + financial literacy curriculum are not only free for educators - even more importantly, they're fun for kids. Learn more about it here.

Want to bring Goalsetter to your school? 

 Please send us an email at schools@goalsetter.co.  

We'd love to hear from you and work with you...

whether you're a large district in Atlanta, GA or a small school in Zion, IL.

What the sharks said about Goalsetter

Don’t let the savvy sharks be the only ones whose kids use Goalsetter.

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